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Who Will Be the Next Gryffindor Quidditch Captain?

By Devina (The Charmed One)

    I'm guessing that more than half of you screamed out, "HARRY POTTER!!!" I don't blame you, so did I. But will Harry have time to figure out Quidditch tactics and how to win the Cup again when Voldemort is on the loose? Will there even be time for Quidditch? Ok, so there will be time for Quidditch, but who will be the Gryffindor Captain? Lets look at our options.

    Lets eliminate the people who are certainly not in the running. It's definitely not going to be Oliver Wood…he left ages ago. Fred and George left Hogwarts in a most enjoyable and dramatic manner, and it was their last year anyways. If I'm right, and I think I am, it was the last year for Angelina Johnson, Katie Bell and Alicia Spinnet as well, considering they were in the same year as the Weasley twins.

    So whom are we left with? Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, Ginny Weasley, Jack Sloper and Andrew Kirke. There only 5. A Quidditch team has 7. So that means we're definitely going to see 2 new members…or 4, if Sloper and Kirke leave. Angelina didn't think much of the two new Beaters, but lets keep them in for now.

1. I think we can safely eliminate Sloper and Kirke. They're new to the team and aren't all that talented to have a proper measure of the game and I don't think they're up for such an important and responsible job. Oliver Wood was Captain from his fifth year and Angelina Johnson got the opportunity only in her seventh and last year. Seniority and experience definitely do count when choosing the Captain. (I'll be referencing to this later in the article, so remember this part) Anyways, so we have the positions of the Beaters filled as of now.

2. Next up for consideration…Ginny Weasley. She filled in for Harry as Seeker but said that she would try out for Chaser next year. She'll probably get it, so we have the post of one Chaser filled. How about her being the Captain? Well, again I go back to seniority and experience. She may be good but I don't think McGonagall (whom I suppose chooses the team Captain) will give her preference. The possibility of her being Captain is ok, but the probability is almost nil.

3. Ronald Weasley…first thing that comes to my mind is, "Weasley is our king!" He started out pretty shaky but pulled together when it really mattered. He can be really headstrong if needed and would do well as a Captain. Sure, he might make mistakes…but that's part of the learning experience. Also, I remember the Mirror of Erised at this point. In it, he saw himself lifting the Quidditch Cup, being Quidditch Captain as well as being Headboy. He already lifted the Quidditch Cup in his fifth year as a team member, what if he does it the next year as Captain? Whenever prophecies or predicting the future comes within a foot of Ron…I take notice. True, the Mirror shows only the persons hearts desire, but…you never know. I know that he has only played for one school year and he's not, well, first class, but it's possible, although probability seems 50-50. Now, our Keeper position is filled.

4. Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived and one of the best Seekers Hogwarts has ever seen. Even Viktor Krum, an international player, commented on his flying skills. He's definitely everyone's first choice to fill in as Captain. But he was also expected to become Prefect. What happened? He didn't get it. Our expectations might be crashed this time as well. Lets see what's in his favour. He's, at present, probably the most experienced and the most talented player, not only in their team but also in their school. He knows much better than anyone else the intricacies of the game, various tactics, is passionate about the game and has the ambition to win for his house. The possibility and probability of him becoming Gryffindor Quidditch Captain are both really high.

    So now, the Gryffindor team has their Seeker, two Beaters, their Keeper, but only one Chaser (assuming Ginny's in, which I think she will be). The team needs to fill in two more positions, that of the Chasers. Who will it be? I cannot think of anyone in the Gryffindor house who has the abilities to be on the team.

    There are two options we can be looking at when Book 6 comes out: either someone we already know suddenly shows skill as a Chaser…or…someone completely new comes into play. I'd like to think of a new character being introduced at this point. How much of a role the new character might play in the actual storyline itself is something we can only guess, but the new character will be good at his/her game. I suppose I'm taking a big risk in saying that a new character comes in, but that's what I think.

    So basically, we're looking at Harry or Ron being Quidditch Captain, or the new player. That's not so surprising, if the new player is a transfer student and is already master of the game. Just speculating everyone!

If you want to send in your views, send them to me. Looking forward to hear what everyone thinks.

Till the next time we meet…

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