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Turn to the Dark Side… It is Your Destiny

By: Devina (The Charmed One)

That line was definitely reminiscent of Star Wars where Darth Vader tells Luke he will turn to the Dark Side just like his father.

Point being, that in every tale of good and evil, there is the Good Side and the Dark Side. Harry himself says somewhere, (I'm sorry, I don't exactly remember which book) that he will never turn to the Dark Side and will never join Voldemort. However, there are people who will. There are characters in the Potter books whom we know are evil and support Voldemort. But there are more characters who do have a chance of turning evil even now, or who have evaded our gaze till now.

In the article 'Weasley is Our King', I touched upon the anagram 'Ollivanders' which can be re-arranged in two ways: 'Ronald lives' (YAY!!!) or 'Ronalds evil' (NOOOO!). I also said there is no way Ron can turn evil, so in my opinion it HAS to be the first option. However, an interesting argument was put forward by a reader, Tania. She said that there is a possibility of Ron turning evil. His feelings of inferiority when confronted by the achievements of his brothers and even Harry could lead to anger and hatred, which, as we know can 'lead you to the Dark Side of the Force'. Hehe, we've seen in the first book that Ron was scared of the Sorting as everyone in his family had been in Gryffindor and what if he didn't live up to his expectations? And again, the Mirror of Erised showed his heart's deepest desire and Dumbledore correctly interpreted it was because he has been overshadowed all his life. Think of the time in GoF, when Ron stopped talking to Harry because he was getting all the attention. I'm quite surprised, now that I think about it, that Ron hasn't snapped. I mean, consider being under everyone else's shadow all your life, you'd become mad sometime or the other. An important thought…Peter Pettigrew. Overshadowed by James' skills, Sirius's good looks and bravery, Remus's brains…he snapped. It's not that Ron is being the tail of Harry or Hermione, but Harry has the bravery and skills, Hermione has the brains. Being a Prefect might make him feel better…but still, it could happen. The thought that those in Gryffindor don't turn evil isn't exactly true. Was Peter Pettigrew in Slytherin? Nada. Think about it. (Noooooooo!!!)

Who else can turn evil? Frankly, I don't want anyone to turn evil, coz I absolutely love every single good character, but let's think for the sake of speculation.

Well…Harry himself can turn evil. *notices the angry looks and glares* Ok, wait!!! Hear me out. Did anyone else notice the anger and the hate and the feeling of being used emanating from Harry? While I agree adolescence is a rocky time, (Trust me, I, as well as other teens, definitely identified with the emotions and quite a few have even gone through that) remember the things that lead you to the Dark Side? These very emotions. True, Harry has had a lot of sadness in his life, but then again, aren't these feelings of loss as well? But don't worry, even if our worst nightmares come true, I'm sure Harry will change right at the end and redeem himself, before the Death Star…uh, wait, wrong story! Anyways, he won't be bad for long, I'm sure.

Frankly speaking, I can't think of anyone else really turning evil, Percy's already taken that spot! Ok, kidding, he's not really evil, just misguided and really dumb. So this short article just to tide till the time for a really huge one coming soon!!!

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