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Daniel Radcliffe
Harry Potter

Birth name: Daniel Alan Radcliffe
Date of Birth: July 23rd, 1989
Place of Birth: Fulham, London, England, UK
Interesting Facts:
-Has two dogs, collies: named Binka & Nugget.
    -On February 2002, Daniel was nominated for and won Best
      Newcomer at the Variety Club Awards.
    -Received the Sir James Carreras Award For Outstanding New
      Talent for his role in Harry Potter at The Variety Club Showbusiness
      Awards 2002.
    -Voted Person of the Year 2002 by Time Kids.
    -Won the Regis and Kelly Show's 2003 Relly Junior Achiever
-Likes to watch WWF wrestling
    -Favorite movie is "Twelve Angry Men"

    -Harry Potter and the Sorcererís Stone: $110,000
    -Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: $3,000,000


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