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The Lost Day

By Amanda

Well as I'm sure you all remember from my last article this column speaks of the little tid bits no one really thinks about. Here is this weeks subject: What really happened the night Lily and James died? There was a whole day in between their deaths and Harry going to the Dursleys so what happened?
As you all know Voldemort came to their home on Halloween night and blew the place to smithereens when he tried to kill Harry. He did manage to kill Lily and James but Lily died protecting her son. Then Sirius, disoriented from finding Peter's place empty, comes along and finds them dead. He goes into shock and is highly distraught. Hagrid shows up. Hagrid says he has his orders that he needs to take Harry to the Dursleys. Sirius objects at first but then reluctantly agrees. Sirius lends Hagrid his bike and goes off for his revenge attempt. Hagrid takes Harry on their journey to the Dursleys and judging by the time span it must have been a full days trip. But what of Dumbledore and everyone else who has to clean up the mess? What happened there? Did they spend a whole day repairing Lily and James' house or what? I am going to share my theories on this so listen closely.

1. They repair the house and recover the bodies
This seems most logical to do because of course they want to give the bodies the respect they deserve. Also they need to contact any living relatives. That sort of thing could take up time.
Let's not forget the repairing of the house. Yet, that begs the question: What are the other possibilities of action?

2. They spoke with Petunia before sending Harry along.
I have come to the conclusion from Dumbledore's Howler in OotP that he and Petunia must exchange letters on a day to day basis regarding Harry and what is being done to protect him. Dumbledore must also have dozens of protections placed Number 4 to ensure his safety. That is why Mrs. Figg sent him back there after the dementor attack. I think like Dumbledore said, "the place where his blood dwells is where he is most protected"

He must have forewarned Petunia and broke the news to her. It might have made her upset but of course we don't know that. As far as we know she was just angry which is also normal. Petunia is a very complex woman and for someone as "normal" as Petunia grieving is a hard thing to do. So she hates her sister through Harry. She focuses all her hate for her deceased sister on her nephew and treats him rather terribly.

Okay now that you've heard my theories of what happened I'm going to just say that whether Dumbledore just reconstructed Godric's Hollow or spoke with Petunia or did both, Dumbledore still has plenty of information to leak out and I for one can't wait to hear it!!!!

On that note I'd just like to advise everyone to keep an eye on the "Room of Requirement" on J.K. Rowling's website. Who knows when it might open up again!

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