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The Mystery of Lily and Petunia Evans

By Amanda

Wow, it's been a while! Guess time flies when you're thinking of things to write. Then again just about everything's been done before. Anyway, I figured today's article would be a touch base on the relationship between Lily Evans Potter and her sister, Petunia Evans Dursley. Just as side note, I'm using their maiden names because it is highly relevant to the story that is these two sisters.

Now we don't know much about Lily or her personality. We know that she was a kind non-biased person (they mentioned that in the third movie when it was James they talked about in the book so obviously they used factual evidence). Lily was also a loving soul. What sort of persona did she have to her sister though?

It's an old habit for people to perceive themselves to their friends one way and to their family in another. The question I have is: How did Lily perceive herself to her family?

Now before you all come knocking on my door with torches and pitchforks lets here me out, okay? Here's a few theories I have as to why Petunia hates her sister so much, as is the topic:

Lily must have been the younger sister
You know how the story goes, "Mom and Dad want to give you a 'little friend' to share your life with so the have a baby but you think that baby is getting ALL the attention". That could be the case with Lily and Petunia. Lily could be the younger sister, loved by everyone but jealous Petunia.

Lily must have been the older sister
This seems just as likely as everything else I've come up with so far. I think if Lily was the older sister than maybe she could have lorded over her little sister like most older siblings do (I got a big brother so trust me, I know). In this case Lily isn't so "lily-white and pure" after all. If anything she could have been a mean sister. Who knows.

Anyway,  no matter which way you look at it Petunia hated her sister. I guess we'll never know why unless Jo decides to tell us. She's got two more opportunities to do so, after all.

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