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    Welcome to our Quidsticks Expanded section! Quidsticks Expanded is the second game of what will probably be a three game Quidsticks series. Sporting even more professional graphics, improved sound, tons more features and options, and better game play, Quidsticks Expanded will blow away all other previous T.W.W.N. Games.

    Below, is a list of some of the features that will be in Quidsticks Expanded and how much progress I've made in the creation of the game. Once I have completed the features in the list below, I will add more information on other features and options that will be in the game.

 Quidsticks Expanded

            ~70% Complete

 *Newest features are in yellow.


Game Features                                             Completion Status
 Screen Titles                  Completed!
 Full Screen/Windowed Mode Option                  Completed!
 Player Gender Option                  Completed!
 Gold and Black Ball On/Off Options                  Completed!
 Win Score Option (for Gold Ball off)                  Completed!
 Weather and Weather Controls


 Player 3 & 4 Options for 4 on 4 games                  Completed!
 Extra Highscore Table (1 for each team)               Not Yet Started
 Opponent Skill Level Option                  Completed!
 Broom Choose System                  Completed!
 Credits                  Completed!
 Ball Interceptions                  Completed!
 Complete Exhibition Mode                   95% Done
 Season Play Mode                   10% Done
 Details on other features coming soon!


    Progress on Quidsticks Expanded has come to a stand still the past couple of weeks. I'm having a lot of problems with getting the collisions in the game to occur properly. I believe some of the files for the game may have become corrupt because minor changes I make are having an effect on completely unrelated behaviors in the game. I'm still trying to figure out what the problem is however if I cannot solve the solution soon I am going to just start a complete recode of QE. If I have to do the latter, QE will unfortunately be delayed until Summer 2005. Once I have decided what to do I will post it here.

A brand-new feature for Quidsticks Expanded has just recently been added. This feature allows players to intercept the red ball when it is thrown during game play! The past couple of days I have also been working on fixing a few minor bugs and improving collisions between the players. 

    Whew, it's been quite a long time since that last updated on Quidsticks Expanded hasn't it? Other activities have greatly limited the time I've had to work on QE, however I have just recently picked up the pace. I have begun creating the system for the new Season Play mode. I have made fairly good progress on it the past couple of days; I have setup the first couple of menus for it.
    A brand-new feature has also recently been developed. It is a counter that will countdown from 3 to 1 at the beginning of each Quidsticks Match; that way players will have a couple of seconds to get prepared and situated for the match.
    A new screenshot or two will be available by the end of this month.

I've got quite a bit done on Quidsticks Expanded the past couple of weeks. First, I had to nearly recreate the existing players and then create 6 more players and define separate keyboard controls for all 8 players. The Team Control option (choose whether players are controlled by computer AI or a human player(s)) is almost completely done, I'm just adding the finishing touches on the Skill Level option for the AI and fixing a few minor bugs. The Exhibition Mode is nearly completely done! Of course it will have some ties to the Season Play Mode so it won't be completely finished until the Season Play mode is complete. But things are going very well and I'll add another screenshot soon.

Whew, it's been a while since the last update hasn't it?! Because of school I wasn't able to work on QE for about 5 weeks, however I'm out of school now and I've started back to work on QE. What I've recently started working on is finishing the first two menus for Exhibition mode. On the first menu you will have several options to choose from for both Team 1 and Team 2. Options for menu 1 include: Gender, Number of Players per team, Team Control (decide whether you want the team to be human or computer controlled), and Skill Level (used only if team is controlled by computer). And then on the second menu of Exhibition mode you will have all the broomstick model options and statistics.
The Exhibition mode and Season Play mode will be inter-related so I can't really finish one section before I finish the other. However I hope to have the Exhibition mode as complete as possible within the next week. I'll add a new screen shot as soon as I can.
And I still have a lot of work to do on Quidsticks Expanded however I still plan on releasing a Demo sometime this summer.

I have completed a new option where you can set the game Win Score if you turn the Gold Ball off. When the Win Score is set, the first player to get to that score in a game wins.
    Also, all 4 players now have their own health systems. The Gender Settings for all 4 players are completed as well. Now I need to get the highscore tables for the 2 teams working and finish designing and positioning the items for the first Exhibition Menu. I'll add an updated Main Menu and Options Menu screenshot soon.

    Ok well I've been updating the list above as I get further along with Quidsticks Expanded but I thought I'd let everyone know a little more about how things are going. Well I just starting the coding for the Player 3 & 4 options. This option will allow you and your opponent to have either 1 player on each team or two. So with Quidsticks Expanded you and a friend will be able to play on the same team against two other players either controlled by the computer or two other humans. The actual options/buttons for these extra players are working but I need to set up gender control for them and create separate health status bars. Once I finish the multi-player settings I'm going to create another Highscores Table (there will be a total of 2) so that each team will have their own.

I have just recently started on Quidsticks Expanded. I hope to have a demo of the game ready within 2-3 months. Quidsticks Expanded will take quite some time to make (more than Quidsticks) because it will have nearly 5 times as many features, but it will be unbelievably better than the original Quidsticks game.


Quidsticks Expanded Main Menu (buttons are animated).
    Set Win Score Option appears when Gold Ball is Off.    screen.jpg (78606 bytes)
     Main Menu          Options Menu      Exhibition Menu 1


Coming Winter 2004!

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