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Age: 16
Birthday: December, 13th
Gender: Female
Location: New York
Favorite Quote/Excerpt: 'Life is a song with the lyrics messed up' - Unknown'
Favorite Color(s): Lime green and turquoise.
Favorite Harry Potter Book: Half Blood Prince
Favorite Movie(s): The Sixth Sense, Walk the Line
Favorite Food(s): Mac NíCheese
Hobbies: Playing guitar, reading, hanging out with friends, singing.
Biography: Iím just another kid who didnít much like reading until Harry came around. I work on the news on TWWN and thatís what I do out in the real world, too, working for my high schoolís newspaper. Someday I hope to work for a major paper in the Big Apple, but for right now Iím content with just the music page. My dad was in the Navy, so I got to move around a lot on the west coast when I was younger, but now that heís retired weíre in one house to stay, which is good, all things considered. I love music, and play my guitar every chance I get.
Other: My favorite HP character is Ron, and Iím busy crossing my fingers, toes, and tongue heís spared in book seven. Though the evidence thus far suggests otherwiseÖ