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Age: 12
Birthday: August 16th
Gender: Female
Location: Northern Marianas Islands (NMI)
Favorite Quote/Excerpt: Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you get -- Dumbledore
Favorite Color(s): Blue, Green, Violet
Favorite Harry Potter Book: Book 5
Favorite Movie(s): Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and A Series of Unfortunate Events (even though I haven't seen it yet.. Lol)
Favorite Food(s): Anything I think is edible and not disgusting.
Hobbies: Using the computer, watching TV, reading HP books and anything HP-related, talking about potatoes (lol) and pretty much anything HP related..
Biography: I love using the computer a lot! (I love making HP wallpapers and images and you can find them all at TWWN.) I have liked HP since the fourth grade, and read all the books about 3 times and I never get bored with them! I have one three-year-old sister who is real spoiled (=/) and annoying. I am very comedic and hyper almost all the time. I go to a Catholic school (which is okay) and my favorite subjects are reading, english, science, music, computer and art. I'd like to go to the U.K. and meet the HP cast. I never went to any part of the states (but the Northern Marianas Islands is its territory) and I am Filipino but was born and have lived in the NMI for the rest of my life. I play the piano and a little bit of the Ukelele. Yup, um, that is me!
Other: If you see a person in a chatroom, forum, etc named Enelamra Faye or just Enelamra, that's me. =D